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Create Your Career was founded to help adults find their career direction in life. Whether you are seeking your first position in a new career, looking for a new professional direction, seeking additional opportunities within your current position, or seeking to maximize your leadership skills, Create Your Career will coach you along the way.

Adults will uncover their unique strengths to provide solid, objective direction utilizing an industry-leading assessment tool and find greater overall satisfaction in life through career path development or transition. Leaders will maximize effectiveness in their roles as they learn flexible communication and problem solving styles.


The 8 Turning Points

Think of life as a series of turning points that occur regularly for each of us throughout our career and personal life. At each of these turning points, we tend to feel the need for change, and we find ourselves re-evaluating where we are in life and in our careers, asking ourselves again the question “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

In their book Don’t Waste Your Talent, Bob McDonald, Ph.D. and Don E. Hucheson present the 8 Turning Points of Adult Life as being:


  • High school to college (17-18 years old)
  • College to work world (22 to 25 years old)
  • Age 30 assessment (28 to 33 years old)
  • The midlife transition (38 to 45 years old)
  • Age 50 assessment (50 to 55 years old)
  • Pre-retirement transition (60 to 65 years old)
  • Age 70 assessment (70 to 75 years old)
  • Senior transition (80 to 85 years old)


McDonald and Hucheson go on to say, “As we reach a critical point of stress and anxiety, we arrive at a Turning Point.  At Turning Points we feel ready for change.  We actively seek new answers.  With remarkable regularity, they come every seven to ten years throughout our adult lives.  These all-important times of crisis can lead to positive creativity and change.  But all too often, the opportunity is turned away and they do not lead to change.”

Create Your Career is here to coach you through your life’s Turning Points and to help you maximize your opportunity for change.



The effectiveness of your decision-making at key points in your life will depend on the information and knowledge available to you. Knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have about yourself, the more effective your life and career decisions will be.

Create Your Career helps you acquire the self-knowledge, resources and skills to discover and succeed at your life and career. Create Your Career can help you to understand, build, and utilize the eight critical factors in the Whole Person process.


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